Beauty Spa

Beauty Spa

Beauty Spa

    Dust, heat, carrying makeup a day and getting to bed with no cleansing leave a dead, withered skin behind. To regain the wetness, freshness and sweetness of your skin you wish to travel for a facial that you have got no time! Here I come back up with a cheap convenient resolution by providing you with piecemeal tips for a fast home facial:


1. Wash your face with a light soap and heat water.
2. offer yourself a cleansing massage with a deep cleansing cream.
3. Cleanse it off with a plant fiber soaked in rose-water or seasoning preparation.
4. On a totally clean and wet skin, offer yourself a ten minute massage ranging from your neck.
5. once a massage, take a steam of 5-7 minutes.
6. to urge eliminate rough and dead skin cells, use Associate in Nursing abrasive scrub and wash away. this may conjointly extract the black heads and create the skin clean and glowing.
7. Apply a  lot of alteration and soothing mask with peppermint and natural resin. wash away once quarter-hour.
8. The last step is to wash your skin with a light-weight cream.

Pretty and Soft Hands

     Hands square measure on the show all the time. they're on constant show throughout voice communication. Neglected hands become rough and wrinkled before time. Badly unbroken hands with broken and dirty nails shatter one's temperament within the terribly 1st look.

    General home chores like laundry, preparation and dusting create the hands rough, dry and dirty. Here square measure some fast manicure tips for creating the hands engaging. Take heat water in a very bowl with drops of soap, juice and few drops of oil. 1st take away cosmetics and rinse your hands with heat water. Then file your nails, and apply cuticle cream or jelly within the cuticles. Soak your hands within the bowl containing heat water, lemon, oil and soap. once ten minutes brush your nails, dab dry your hands and gently push the cuticle back with a stick wrapped with plant fiber. At the top wash them and apply cosmetics.

Pretty Feet and Toes

   Our feet conjointly would like all a similar additional care that we tend to offer to our hands, well cared and nourished feet stay well-shaped.
For a fast home pedicure, file your nails softly in a very line. take away cosmetics. Rinse your feet with heat water and apply cuticle cream or jelly on the cuticles. Soak your feet within the basin with heat water salt few drops of soap, oil and juice for twenty minutes. Brush your nails and scrub off the dead and arduous skin with pumice and dab dry. Push the cuticles back with a stick wrapped in plant fiber. Apply moisturizer and finish off elegantly with a pleasant nail color.

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